The Cross Puzzle

The Cross PuzzleA unique, meaningful gift for youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, pastors, children, friends and family!

A beautiful, wooden puzzle in the shape of a cross.
It confounds the mind –
and teaches an important lesson.


Two sizes of CrossPuzzles are available. The classic, large cross is 8-1/2 inches [215mm]  high. The smaller, pocket-sized cross is half as large so that it can be carried around in ones pocket. All puzzles contain the same mysterious locking mechanism. Each is handcrafted from selected species of hardwood.


The classic-sized cross normally comes with a matching, hardwood plate that holds and displays the cross. Three rough hewn nails in the plate provide a convenient place to display the colorful instruction sheet. This sheet explains the puzzle and its story and gives some helpful clues to the solution. The pocket-sized cross does not normally have a stand. However, there is an eye-catching magnetic stand available for either size cross. These arched stands magnetically and magestically suspend the cross in an uprigtht position, allowing it to twirl in the stand and yet be easily removed. The crosses and their stands provide a handsome and engaging conversation piece for the fireplace mantel or display table.



YouTube Video about The Cross Puzzle

Hand crafted

The Cross Puzzle catches the eye.
These beautiful crosses are hand crafted with great attention to detail.  A work of art that is great to place on a shelf or coffee table as a conversation starter.  See more


The Cross Puzzle captures the imagination.
The Cross Puzzle is very difficult to figure out.  But once you know the secret, it is very easy to unlock. It engages the mind and opens the door for great conversations.   See more


The Cross Puzzle inspires the heart.
Even though The Cross Puzzle catches the eye and engages the mind, more importantly it inspires the heart toward a new awareness of faith.   See more