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Classic Cherry CrossPuzzle

Pocket CrossPuzzle

The Classic Cherry CrossPuzzles (the left image above) are $19.95 each and are 8-1/2" [21.6cm] tall and made of quarter-sawn Pennsylvania cherry wood. Like people, who mature and change with age, it's warm, cherry luster will deepen over time as it turns more beautiful with age.

The Pocket CrossPuzzles (the right image above) are $5.00 each and are half the size of the Cherry CrossPuzzle but works the same way. It does not have a base but is meant to carry with you in your pocket or purse so you always have that conversation starter close at hand!


Bulk quantities of the Pocket CrossPuzzle are available at special pricing. These high quality products are manufactured by our special partners in China. The cooperative effort makes it possible to produce these at a pricing level that facilitates widespread distibution around the world. If you are interested in using larger quanitities as part of an organization, please fill in the form on the "Contact Us" page with a short description of your interests so that I can contact you directly.





Customized Bases- Do you wish to honor a special person or occasion? Contact me by email at with the name that you wish to have inscribed on the base of the Classic CrossPuzzle. Special order bases cost an additional $25. (Not available for Pocket CrossPuzzles)




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